At Alchemy, we are committed to help you build a sustainable self-care practice, enabling you to live a healthy, balanced, and connected life. Through incorporating yoga, meditation, and energy work with quantum coherence therapy and sound healing, we will guide you through the gentle process of inner alchemy and well-paced, safe transformation. 

We promote values of acceptance, kindness, compassion, and patience towards oneself and others. Those lead to create greater healing and harmony in ourselves, and the world around us. 

Alchemy Community is a safe space, where you are entirely supported on your journey of growth and self-transformation. We will share with you skills and simple techniques, which are purely experiential, and can be practiced daily for the best results. You can choose to work with us individually, or participate in the group classes, workshops and courses, or avail of all options.

In Alchemy we share a love for nature, creating a wild-crafted herbal range of cosmetics promoting healthy and vibrant skin. We grow the majority of our ingredients organically, following the cycles of the seasons and natural ways of being.