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Our range of organic herbal cosmetics has been in development for over 4 years, and we are always working on improvements or new products. Currently we have two face and body oils: Rosehip, and Calendula & Seaweed. We also make a High Vibes moisturizer, which is a blend of both of these oils.

Where possible, we either grow or wild craft the majority of our ingredients. Our seaweed is collected on the west coast of Ireland, or near Carlingford, which both have Grade A waters.

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We are currently planting and growing ingredients for our golden oils from Alchemy Herbal Therapeutics range. Limited edition of the oils and a moisturiser will be ready by September/October 2021. You can leave your email address to be added to the waiting list once the oils are ready to be purchased.

The herbs are grown with love and care, and after harvesting; they are dried, and blended with Rapeseed oil over a period of four months. We have chosen Rapeseed oil, as it is widely grown in Ireland, and helps reduce our carbon footprint. Throughout the whole process of making both the oils and the moisturisers, we are raising the vibration of all ingredients, using energy healing techniques, which leave us with a high vibrational end product, which your skin will love.

While we use a variety of different herbs, the main ingredients are Seaweed and Rosehips. After collection, we put them through a fermentation process for over a month, before they are added to the other herbs and oils. Through fermentation, the plants are broken down to release a variety of beneficial compounds, more easily accessible to the skin. The nutrient rich Seaweed and Rosehips, full of essential vitamins and minerals, can provide powerful antioxidant, regenerative and nourishing effects on the skin, leaving it deeply hydrated, and wonderfully soft.


“I have been using Alchemy Herbal Therapeutics for couple of years now and every time I am out of the product my skin asks for it. The oils and the moisturizer are keeping my skin healthy and radiant.”

Mary Murphy

“Alchemy Rosehip Oil is the best oil I have ever had. I use it on the scalp, face and elbows. Keeps all the dry skin well moisturized and nourished.”


“You can feel that Alchemy Moisturiser is full of very potent ingredients. There is something very special about it. It is very rich product and a little goes a long way”


“The skin care products so carefully hand crafted at Alchemy make your senses dance.”

Edyta Bodnar

“Love the rosehip face oil. The best face oil ever!”

Aileen Durkan

“Alchemy Moisturiser is simply divine. It smells delicious and you nearly want to eat it. When you put it on your skin there is this amazing silk like sensation of relaxation. Strongly recommend it.”

Karolina Ciejak

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