Harmony Sound Therapy Practitioner Training

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It is a 9-month deeply insightful journey into the kingdom of sound wherein you will learn how to tune in, and harmonise your individual vibration, as well as how to help others do the same within the therapeutic environment. This course will provide you with many beneficial tools for your own healing, as well as, how to run an efficient, successful and adaptable healing practice which will support you to serve your clients and respond to the ever changing world situation.

This is an invitation for you to step into the foundational realm of vibration, frequency, music and harmony.

Offering you a container and many resources to support the deepening of your relationship with sound, through building a connection with various instruments, including your voice, which is one of the most magnificent creations on this planet.

As mentioned above this course will be a 9 month journey, this is the same amount of time needed for the human body to form and come to the world. 

My invitation to you is to see it as a time of nurturing your own unique healing note. A time where you can get to know it, explore it, befriend it, love it and allow it to vibrate beauty into your reality. Journeying with sound offers us a potent way to create space through the power of alchemy. It creates space within you and around you on all levels, which can lead to subtle or major changes in your life. 

Over the 9 months you will be introduced to tested, well documented, and proven ways of self-care practice, which will be the foundation of your days during the course and hopefully these practices will continue to support you going forward. We need to help ourselves before we can help others. In this way we can help from an overflowing cup of health, balance, and contentment. 

I welcome you to join this alchemical journey of sound and harmony.


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What Will You Learn?

  • How to protect yourself, your space, and your clients before, during, and after healing sessions.
  • How to give effective in person sound therapy training, as well as how to deliver 1:1 sessions online, and in nature.
  • How to work with an intention.
  • How to play 6 different types of instruments for healing purposes. (Metal bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, weighted tuning forks, unweighted tuning forks, and drums.)
  • How to access the healing power of your own voice - the most magnificent instrument you have available to you every single day.
  • How to sharpen your hearing to perceive subtle dissonance around the person’s body and how to tune it back to balance.
  • The basics of sound science and how it all works.
  • The tools and techniques for effective self-care practice, which is paramount for longevity as a human being and as a therapist.
  • How to access your unique and clear note within to vibrate at a higher level.
  • Science has proven that everything in the Universe is energy and emits specific vibrations, this vibration can create healing just by being in the state of balance.
  • This is the core of what you will explore, experience and learn during the time of the course, how to notice the imbalance, and how to navigate; play your way back to balance.