Harmony Sound Therapy Practitioner Training

It is a 9-month deeply insightful journey into the kingdom of sound to learn how to tune in, and harmonise your individual vibration, as well as how to help others do the same within the therapeutic environment. 

This course will provide you with many beneficial tools for your own healing, as well as, how to run an efficient, successful and adaptable healing practice, which will support you to serve your clients and respond to the ever-changing world situation. 

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What will you learn?

  • How to protect yourself, your space, and your clients before, during, and after healing sessions.
  • How to give effective in person sound therapy training, as well as how to deliver 1:1 sessions online, and in nature. 
  • How to work with an intention
  • How to play 6 different types of instruments for healing purposes. 

(Metal bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, weighted tuning forks, unweighted tuning forks, and drums.)

  • How to access the healing power of your own voice – the most magnificent instrument you have available to you every single day.
  • How to sharpen your hearing to perceive subtle dissonance around the person’s body and how to tune it back to balance.
  • The basics of sound science and how it all works.
  • The tools and techniques for effective self-care practice, which is paramount for longevity as a human being and as a therapist. 
  • How to access your unique and clear note within to vibrate at a higher level. 


Harmony Call

Let’s connect and enjoy the harmony call. You can feel the resonance and then decide if this course feels right for you at the momenr.

Admission requirements

You will need to create your own sound healing starter kit with at least one instrument out of each kind of sound healing tools.
You will use those instruments throughout the course. Tibetan Singing Bowl, Drum, Gong, Harmonic Spectrum Tuning Forks, Weighted Tuning Fork need to be part of the kit.

Ability to allocate 2 hours a week for individual practice between the seminars to gain proficiency in meditation techniques, protective exercise and professional skills to safely work with the clients.

Leaving Certificate or equivalent. Other professional qualifications.

Appropriate Device to receive the content, and connect to online classes. (Computer, Tablet or mobile phone able to connect with the service, Headphones, Microphone, Camera)