Meditation at Alchemy

The benefits of meditation are known for thousands of years, and are well documented. It can help us to better manage stress in our lives, increase self awareness, lower blood pressure, improve sleep patterns, increase patience and tolerance, improve cognitive function, build focus and self-awareness, boost the immune system, and foster empathy and compassion, amongst many other things. Many studies have shown that meditation rewires our brain, creating new connections between different areas of the brain even the ones usually disconnected.

However, we don’t simply meditate as a means to and end. Initially, meditation can be very challenging for people, and we can struggle to silence the continuous mental chatter. Our worries, and stresses of modern life often come to the surface. Sometimes it can feel like we are being pulled in many directions, all at the same time. At Alchemy we would like to gently encourage people to slowly develop a regular meditation practice, at their own pace. Not striving or struggling for a particular outcome, while slowly creating harmony on all levels. In meditation, we don’t aim for perfection. Our energies, and emotions change from day to day, year to year, so however we experience meditation on any day, that’s all we can do, and that’s good enough. Meditation itself is its own reward, and it is not about the outcome but the process.

Our library of online meditations will continue to grow over the months and years, so you are free to dip in and out, trying whatever meditations are calling to you at a particular time. The meditations are available to download, on a donation basis, so you are free to pay what you can afford, or access them for free. With one and one sessions, we can create bespoke meditations and meditation programs suitable to each individual, depending on their level, and what they need at any particular time.Some of the Benefits of a Regular Meditation Practice

Some of the Benefits of a Regular Meditation Practice