Sound Therapy has very positive effects for people suffering with stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, recovering from illness, muscular tension, eating disorders, IBS, chronic pain. Healing sounds and frequencies, which are used during the sound sessions, come from Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Sansula, Koschi Chimes and Voice toning.

The Integral Sound Healing Process was developed by Tony Nec, the founder of Sound Healing Academy in the UK and worldwide. It is an effective healing modality where different sounds and intervals are played to help the body release blockages, and create space for a feeling of peace and calmness. The process incorporates ancient wisdom and modern science to best serve current symptoms and causes of imbalance. Sound Healing itself is an ancient practice known by many different cultures around the globe. Tibetan monks were using Tibetan Singing Bowls and chanting during meditation and ceremonies to access altered states of consciousness and cultivate clarity of mind. In African and Native-American Indian traditions drumming is a form of celebrating the unity and spirit, as well as a way to cultivate joy and high levels of energy. It can create trans-like states of consciousness, balancing both hemispheres in the brain and connecting us close to our sense of intuition. Gongs are one of the oldest instruments deriving from the Southeast Asia. The pure, healing sound waves penetrate deeply, helping us to break free of old patterns.