Welcome to Alchemy Multiverse YouTube Channel

Welcome to Alchemy Multiverse! My name is Kamila and I am delighted our paths are crossing. This channel is devoted to share with you tools and techniques, so you can improve the quality of your health and wellness. I am passionate yogi, meditation teacher, holistic therapist and energy healer who is willing to share with you the most transformational parts of yogic practice, which are easy to implement in our western life styles with hustle and bustle of an everyday responsibilities. I will be sharing with you some elements of yoga: the physical practice, breathing exercises, meditation and philosophy, also each class is infused with high vibrational energy of quantum coherence, so only goodness can happen for you. We are multidimensional beings with infinite potential living in the now. Let’s make the best of it in our bodies, minds, hearts, and energy levels aligned as ONE. Let’s transform our lives.